Designing and redesigning the functionalities of hibView, some functionalities appeared to me to be useful for other programs like file explorators or even a game. So I have merged every kernel functionalities of text drawing of hibView in one library : hibLib.

So hibLib is a library of fast formatted text drawing. hibView becomes in fact a simple graphic user interface and a simple file browser.

Designing in reusability, hibLib is composed of two parts. One part is the kernel of hibLib : it is the dynamic library. The second part contain the optional functionalities and are merged in a static library.
As structured, hibView sources are very light : every programer can customize hibView to his own needs.

  • 1.0_beta3 - 15/04/2006 :
    • fix of the BSOD : the contrast was put very low after reading a file with hibView (thanks to Renato Costa for help me debugging it)
    • fix the scrolling engine which was coping to much data for large file to scroll
    • add a reader of big pic file
  • 1.0_beta2 - 12/03/2006 :
    • fix a bug of pretty print drawing : some expression were drawn with an "octal" offset
    • fix a bug of pretty print drawing : too big expression were not drawn properly
    • fix initialized fields in the h_File
    • setScreen has been separated in two functions : initScreen and changeScreen
    • improved Makefiles
    • fix bug with STR : the first character was not drawn
    • fix probable clip bug in screen copy
    • support of object bigger than the screen size
  • 1.0_beta - 18/02/2006 :
    • First version